N+P proudly announces the appointment of Mr. Neville Roberts as Managing Director UK for N+P Alternative Fuels Ltd as well as the opening of a new UK office.

The successful expansion strategy of N+P already led to several new contracts for supply of RDF, SRF and Subcoal® into the UK domestic and the European market, also several new large contracts will be closed and announced in due course.

We see the appointment of Neville Roberts as MD for our UK organisation as a logical step in our business growth strategy, said CEO Karel Jennissen. "Neville will provide leadership, experience and strategic vision to manage and further expand our UK organisation, furthermore his knowledge of the production and use of alternative fuels is a big asset for our company".

Neville Roberts will be based in N+P’s new UK office in Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. From here all activities in the UK will be managed.

For the past few years, Neville Roberts has been involved in advising businesses (including N+P) in the use of alternative fuels. Before this Neville, a chemical engineer by qualification, worked in the cement industry for over 35 years. Neville has worked for Rugby Cement, The Saudi Cement Company, RTZ Cement, Castle Cement, RMC and CEMEX. Throughout his career Neville has specialised in production management and in particular the use of alternative fuels on cement kilns. Prior to leaving CEMEX at the end of 2013 Neville was focussing heavily on alternative fuels in his role as Energy Business Development Director.

N+P is one of the major players in the production and supply of alternative fuels for nearly 25 years. In a constantly changing environment N+P has developed innovative concepts which have led to an extensive portfolio of alternative fuels for several industrial applications. From their operations, N+P processes and supplies over 2 million tonnes of waste streams every year.  Approximately 30 to 35% of this volume is supplied from the United Kingdom, using various transport modes such as sea vessels, trucks and containers.

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