Subcoal® Production FRM B.V., a Subcoal® manufacturing site in Delfzijl, in the north of the Netherlands, has undergone several maintenance and optimisation operations during a planned halt in production. These activities represent a total investment of almost 1 million euros and with this optimisation, the production of Subcoal® pellets has been increased with 30%.

The intensively growing demand for high-grade Subcoal® pellets urged the shareholders to approve this new investment in the Delfzijl production site to make sure that market demands can be met. Besides expanding the capacity at the Delfzijl site, the shareholders are planning a second manufacturing location in Europe, which is projected to open its doors in 2017.

Subcoal® Production FRM B.V. (SPF) is a subsidiary of the N+P Group, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of alternative fuels for over 20 years. The Delfzijl production site ships pellets all across Europe. These pellets are produced using a patented Subcoal® technology which is used to transform non-recyclable paper and plastics into high-grade pellets. The Subcoal® pellets can be used in, among other things, lime and cement kilns and for power plants. Using this secondary fuel will reduce the need for fossil fuels.

“The possible applications of Subcoal® offer large-scale consumers of fossil fuels, such as coal, a relatively simple, very affordable, but especially cleaner alternative to meet their energy needs. An added advantage of our Subcoal® concept is that it is a better solution for non-recyclable waste, meaning that we need to bring less to landfill or incinerate less. Due to the success of our formula, we estimate that we’ll be building three new manufacturing sites within the next three years”, says Lars Jennissen, SPF’s managing director.

Transforming non-recyclable waste into Subcoal® pellets will prevent this waste from ending up at a landfill or in waste incineration installations, and it reduces the total CO2 emissions.