In the past three years N+P has signed a number of mid and long-term agreements to supply RDF and SRF into EFW plants and cement plants. N+P’s current contract portfolio of alternative fuels exceeds 1,5 million tons per year. In total approx. 50 to 60% of this volume will be supplied from the United Kingdom, using various modalities such as  vessels, trucks or containers.

In the first six months of this year, N+P has exported >180.000 tons of RDF and SRF from the United Kingdom¹.  Stijn Jennissen, business development director of N+P:“ Due to unexpected maintenance and commercial stops at the end-users, our quantities are behind our budget. However we are currently exporting close to 40.000 tons per month. Exporting such volumes considers us the largest exporter of SRF/RDF in the United Kingdom.”. For export of RDF/SRF from the United Kingdom N+P currently has 45 TFS’s active and >15 new TFS’s in preparation or pending at the EA.

N+P expects that the growth will continue in the UK.  Stijn Jennissen: “We have secured several new agreements for the supply of RDF and SRF into Europe, these projects are starting in Q4-2015 and Q1-2016”. N+P also aims to have its first Subcoal® production facility operational in the United Kingdom in 2016.  Subcoal® is a patented, high quality pelletized alternative fuel which is used in the cement and lime industry as well in coal fired power plants. A majority of the Subcoal® produced in the UK will be used in the domestic market, the rest will be exported throughout Europe.

¹Volumes are based on N+P’s invoiced quantities, not on requested TFS volumes. As N+P is not always notifier, the TFS quantities are lower.


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