On behalf of N+P Neville Roberts spoke about the history and the future of alternative fuels at the Intercem conference in London. Thank you if you attended the presentation.

View the presentation. This article is a follow-up on the presentation.intercement

This is the presentation agenda:

+ A review of the early history and the mistakes that were made.

+ Discussion of the lessons learnt and
   how the main drivers were put in place.

+ Some future developments for alternative fuels.

+ Proposed fundamental laws and mythology review.

N+P Group provides RDF (refuse derived fuel), SRF (solid recovered fuel), Subcoal® pellets and TDF (shredded tyres).


RDF – abbreviation of refuse derived fuel – is a fuel that is a combination of commercial and industrial waste. So this fuel contains different types of plastics, textile, rubber and paper. Recyclables, such as glass and metal, are taken by waste sorters. The remaining material is useful to combust. After the selection the material gets shredded and sieved.


SRF – abbreviation of solid recovered fuel – is RDF upgraded to a fuel that consists of smaller fractions. Processing waste means that fuel producers shred and sieve the sorted, unrecyclable waste. After that the material is being shredded to fluff. This fluff is called SRF. SRF replaces fossil fuels, such as bituminous coal and lignite.

Subcoal® pellets

Subcoal® pellets are cylindrical sticks with the same chemical composition as bituminous coal. Subcoal® pellets are made of RDF, SRF and rejects from the paper industry. The pellets are comparable to coal in terms of heating value and it can be treated the same way. Power plants, lime and cement kilns can grind the pellets with their coal mills. Grinding and combusting the pellets and coal together is also possible.

N+P Group

N+P Group has been a major provider of alternative fuels to the cement , lime and power industries for more than 20 years. The whole N+P group moves +/- 2 million tons of industrial waste in 2015.

N+P provides various alternative fuels and raw materials. N+P delivers the fuels as specified by the costumer. The quality of the material is analysed and monitored continuously. Further N+P takes care of the transportation, the required export notifications and storage of the alternative fuels. Subcoal® pellets and SRF get transported wrapped up in bales. N+P transports material in bulk by ship and in taut liners and shipping containers.



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