After intense collaboration between GRODAN, Van Vliet and N+P, we have sent the first shipment with stonewool granulate from horticulture across the English Channel. Within the UK, the stonewool is used in the ceramic industry. The industry uses the stonewool to replace primary raw materials such as sand and clay. By using transport via water the environment is less effected.Steenwolgranulaat rockwool klein - kopie

The shipment marks a new step in the cooperation between GRODAN, Van Vliet and N+P. The cooperation started over 10 years ago, when parties came together to find a sustainable solution for the recycling of stonewool granulate. Currently there are a number of high quality solutions in several countries across Europe. The applications use the specifications of the stonewool granulate, mainly the fibrous structure, to their advantage.

This year parties expect to send a few more ships across the Channel, saving a minimum of 250 trucks which do not need to make the crossing, thus saving the environment.