N+P is always working on improving alternative fuel solutions. Next to this N+P wishes to make alternative fuels available in more countries worldwide. We want to share our knowledge to produce and/or use alternative fuels in different applications such as cement kilns, lime kilns and power plants. That is one of the reasons why we will be present at the Global CemFuels conference. This conference is about alternative fuels and conventional fuels for the cement and lime industry. Global CemFuels takes place in Dubai on February 16th and 17th.     

Thank you if you attended our presentation at the Global CemFuels conference!. Click here to view the presentation. This article is a summary of the presentation. Besides we are proud to tell N+P received the award for ‘Global alternative fuels supplying company of the year’. During the gala Global CemFuels announced the winner of this title. We are glad we won this prestigious award. Thank you if you voted for us.

Alternative fuels

The applications that are currently using Subcoal® and SRF include the cement, lime and power industries. These industries use Subcoal® and SRF to substitute their fossil fuels.

Alternative fuels, such as Subcoal® and SRF, act as the connecting element for a sustainable waste solution and for a clean renewable energy source. Every country has its own energy mine which is not used to the fullest at the moment. For many countries an independent energy supply is of great interest, plus many countries still struggle with their waste management systems and policies. Substituting a primary fuel source contributes to a cleaner environment, plus in the case of these fuels, waste is prevented from ending up in landfill or waste incineration plants.

Subcoal® pellets

Subcoal® pellets are the first alternative fuel which can be used in similar ways as bituminous coal. The combusting process can stay the same together with the existing fuel handling and milling systems, only the fuel is different. There is no need to adjust kilns, boilers or mills. Thereby, the pellets are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. The Subcoal® concept is a waste-to-fuel concept. Subcoal® pellets are typically made of non-recyclable paper-plastic waste fractions, coming from various sources.

Depending on the type of installation Subcoal® is almost always ground or co-ground before being dosed to the kiln or boiler. We have proven that Subcoal® can be co-ground with bituminous coal in a vertical roller mill. Applications are known to use Subcoal® without grinding as well. Read more about the Subcoal® technology. 


SRF – abbreviation for solid recovered fuel – is industrial waste processed to form a very clean fuel (SRF). Sorters removed glass, metal (both ferrous and non-ferrous), organic waste and aggregates. The material is then shredded to form fluff. This fuel replaces bituminous coal and lignite and has a high calorific value. SRF used in cement kiln calciners quality’s has a calorific value greater than 16.000 KJ/kg and SRF main burner SRF has a calorific value greater than 20.000 KJ/kg.

N+P Group

N+P produces Subcoal® pellets and SRF and supplies various other alternative fuels and raw materials. N+P delivers the fuels as specified by the costumer. The quality of the material is analysed and monitored continuously. Further N+P takes care of the transportation, the required export notifications and storage of the alternative fuel. Subcoal® pellets and SRF get transported wrapped up in bales. N+P transports material in bulk by ship and in taut liners and shipping containers.

Read more about other N+P recycling concepts; paper sludge and paper ash and rockwool.

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