N+P announces the cooperation with Neville Roberts. Neville will be joining the N+P development team on a consultancy basis. Both parties are looking forward to a successful cooperation in the coming years.

Neville’s skills and experience will be put to good use to further increase substitution rates for alternative fuel users, such as cement kilns, in Europe, using N+P’s high quality alternative fuel portfolio and using pulverized Subcoal® pellets to replace the last percentages of fossil fuel. Another development is the introduction of N+P’s alternative fuels portfolio to countries outside of continental Europe.

In the next coming months, N+P and Neville will be working closely together with existing customers, but also with new customers throughout the world, introducing new concepts such as the pulverized Subcoal® concept, but also offering concepts for importing high quality secondary fuels.

N+P Group
The N+P Group is one of the largest suppliers of high grade alternative fuels in Europe. With over 20 years of experience in production and management of alternative fuels, N+P supplies over 500.000 tonnes of fuel to various industries, such as the cement, lime and power industry.

N+P offers a number of services, including production, quality management, logistic management and development and has successfully applied for more than 1.500 notification procedures for cross-border shipments. With satisfied customers from Latvia to Portugal and from Sweden to Cyprus, N+P gets the job done.

Neville Roberts
A chemical engineer by qualification Neville Roberts has worked in the cement industry for over 35 years. Neville has worked for Rugby Cement, The Saudi Cement Company, RTZ Cement, Castle Cement, RMC and latterly CEMEX. Throughout his career Neville has specialised in production management and in particular the use of alternative fuels on cement kilns.

Prior to leaving CEMEX at the end of 2013 Neville was again focussing heavily on alternative fuels in his role as Energy Business Development Director. Neville is now involved in advising businesses in the use of alternative fuels.