N+P International BV  announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Cemex Latvia for the supply of >500.000 tons of SRF in the coming 10 years. The new agreement is the next step in the growing business relationship between both companies, where Cemex Cement kilns in Europe are receiving alternative fuels from N+P. The deal fits perfectly in our companies strategy, which is aimed to be one of the European market leaders in the production and supply of high quality alternative fuels.
For this contract N+P will make use of the developed port facilities throughout the UK where Grimsby is the major export port for SRF.  Besides Grimsby N+P is currently exporting alternative and biomass fuels from Newport, Hull, Grangemouth and London by ship, and via Dover and Felixstowe by road.
It gives present and potential producers of high quality SRF and RDF a stable and long term  off-take possibility. Landfill diversion is not the key,  production of fuel to specification based on waste materials is the name of the game, quality must come first and second.
This agreement strengthens N+P’s  position in the UK alternative fuels and biomass export market. N+P’s current  contract portfolio for these products, supplied from the UK exceeds 500.000 tons per annum. Most of the contracts are mid- or long-term contracts.