N+P Group, one of the larger international players in the area of industrial waste streams, has taken a majority stake in Qlyte B.V. Both parties had been in discussion for several months, to further formalize the working relation that already exist as of 2009. The addition of know-how and technology of Qlyte to the N+P Group strengthens its position as supplier and developer of high end secondary fuels. Leeward ventures SICAR SCA has further increased it’s minority share in Qlyte as part of the transaction.

"With the participation in Qlyte we confirm our strategic intent to become a leading player in the area of secondary fuels. The deal fits perfectly with our strategy, which is aimed to improve our position in the sales and production of secondary fuels. With the acquisition we have made a significant step in our growth ambition. We aim to introduce the Qlyte concept abroad and to expand our activities outside Europe. As we have been cooperating for over 4 years, we are confident that we will be able to reach our set targets for the coming years" mentions Karel Jennissen, CEO of the N+P Group.

N+P is a large market player in the development, production and sales of secondary fuels. Secondary fuels are produced from non-recyclables that would have otherwise been land filled or incinerated. Since 1993 N+P offers concepts, in which the whole chain of production, logistics and permits is being coordinated by N+P. At the moment N+P Group moves approximately 1.3 million ton of industrial waste streams throughout Europe.

Qlyte is a spin-off from the Dutch chemical company DSM and commercializes the Subcoal® Technology worldwide. Subcoal is mainly used in the lime industry, cement industry and power plants. It delivers a significant contribution toward reduction of the environmental impact of these industries. Since 2009 Qlyte exploits its own production facility in Delfzijl (The Netherlands).

"The use the Subcoal® fuels realizes a significant reduction of CO2 emission for our customers, as well as savings on fuel costs. Our fuels can, due to our proprietary technology, be grinded to a very fine powder making them suitable for use in different industries. On the basis of the current market development in combination with the strong market position of N+P we expect to realize three new

production facilities in Europe over the coming five years" mentions Ralph Koekkoek, Director of Qlyte.

The annual production capacity of the facility in Delfzijl will be increased to 120.000 ton input material, with an output of 70.000 ton of Subcoal® pellets.