N+P International BV  announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Cemex Latvia for the supply of >500.000 tons of SRF in the coming 10 years.

The large increase in the quantities of material transported under N + P direction is expected to result in an interesting statistic in 2014:

Very recently under the direction of the N + P Group, in 1 day more than 8000 tons of material for secondary fuel were shipped by sea. There were three departure locations, with three material flows to three treatment facilities:

N+P Group, one of the larger international players in the area of industrial waste streams, has taken a majority stake in Qlyte B.V.

video: SRF baling in Grimsby, UK

Video impression of the N+P baling operation in Grimsby. Baling capacity ca. 40 tonnes per hour. The material which is baled, is high quality SRF, secondary fuels (main burner) destined for the cement industry. The bales are stored on-site and are transported via ship to the end destinations all over Europe.