On 8th May of this year the first ship, with 2,500 tons of baled SRF from England, berthed at Lisbon.

Recently, the N + P Group signed a cooperation agreement with Ploegsteert for the supply of secondary raw materials.

That the growth of N + P Group is structural is shown in the monthly increase of the customer base, in the expansion of existing projects and in the permanent development of new outlets and distribution channels.

N+P International BV  announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Cemex Latvia for the supply of >500.000 tons of SRF in the coming 10 years.

The large increase in the quantities of material transported under N + P direction is expected to result in an interesting statistic in 2014:

Very recently under the direction of the N + P Group, in 1 day more than 8000 tons of material for secondary fuel were shipped by sea. There were three departure locations, with three material flows to three treatment facilities: