N+P wins Global Cemfuels awards and presents co-milling results

During the 12th Global Cemfuels event in Berlin, the N+P Group was again named Global Alternative Fuel Supplier of the year.

Global Cement, Alternative Fuels

Plant Visit: N+P Subcoal, the Netherlands

High CV plastics a problem? N+P thinks it’s a solution!

Lars Jennissen, N+P International, The Netherlands, looks at how the market for the production, import, and export of alternative fuels is changing.

The N+P shareholders are proud to announce that they have recently acquired all shares in Subcoal International B.V., as well as Subcoal Production FRM B.V.

Since 2015, N+P supplies Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) from the UK to RWE’s waste-to-energy plant in...