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Anton Herwers
TFS Coordinator

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TFS & KAM Coordinator
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Roy Vossenberg
TFS Manager

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Marloe Brouwers
Permits & Notifications

From the very start of our company, transfrontier waste movements have been a routine daily issue. Stringent legislation applies to such shipments in accordance with the European Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR) 1013/2006.

Within our organization, the Notifications & Permits Department is daily confronted with matters ensuing from this Regulation including the preparation and submission of notifications, monitoring procedures, providing information relating to legislation, permits and production processes, quality checks by means of analyses and production of reports on these subjects and direct contacts with the various government authorities.

As a major player in the international residual market, we are held to strict compliance with the existing rules. In addition to internal controls the department therefore also ensures that all transport requirements are implemented in accordance with the European Waste Shipment Regulation . To this end we use a variety of custom-made systems for continuous monitoring.

In the past 20 years our Notifications and Permits Department has submitted over 1,000 notification applications. Currently we have more than 110 notifications active and approximately 25 applications are permanently in proceedings with government authorities in various countries in Europe.


N+P Group provides for the right quality of all their wasteflows. In this process the Quality department plays a major role, they checks the material and has analyses performed. Constant monitoring allows for the customer's specifications to be taken into account. All data is stored in a database. In this way the Quality department also contributes to the advice supplied to the customer,  for both input and output.