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Bill Kortenoeven
Planner Logistics
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Gijs Stevens
Planner Logistics
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Rick Martens
Development Manager Logistics
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Wendie van Rensch
Planner Logistics
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Willem Arts
Operations Manager Logistics
Roy Mans
Planner Logistics

The large number of national and international shipments of waste streams requires reliable, efficient  and precise logistics planning.

Every day the experienced logistics team of N + P provides alignment, tuning and reconciliation between producers, carriers and clients in direct customer contacts.

Each individual transport, on both land and water, is accurately monitored and recorded in a database. This also includes the logons and logoffs with governments in the context of European regulations under the EU Waste Shipment Regulation.

Joint thinking with the customer, expert advice, communication via direct, short lines, it is all part of the self-evident logistic service of N+P.