For more than 20 years the development, coordination and realisation of global concepts for recycling industrial residues has been the core activity of N+P. Meanwhile the N+P Group has developed to the pre-eminent specialist in the field of recycling industrial residues. Where initially mainly the German and Dutch markets were served, the N+P Group has since developed into an important player in the international market. The paper-, brick-, cement- and building material industry and power stations have made the most of the reliable services of the N+P Group for years. This year N+P Group moves more than 2,000,000 tons (more than 90,000 lorries) of waste streams from various industries from all over Europe.

With long-term contracts N+P brings supply and demand together. Not as the classic waste collectors used to do, but organised in large global concepts. This implies that the input from various sites is coupled to various applications. This is why N+P can guarantee both reliable and season independent purchase and supply. N+P takes this procedure beyond simple mediation in supply and demand; the company advises clients in new reuse facilities and provides global service. This includes ordering analyses, application of licences, clearance of legal export procedures and organising logistics and storage.