From waste to alternative raw materials

N+P allows the possibility to utilize residues (“waste”) as an alternative raw material and fuels [Link naar alternative fuels]. If necessary, N+P treats waste to upgrade it into a valuable alternative resource. N+P aims to recycle industrial waste streams in reliable recycling solutions, independent from seasonal influences. Several industries use alternative raw materials and fuels to reduce their costs and to operate in a more environmentally friendly way.


Recycling industrial residuals has two main environmental benefits. The waste streams are getting used effectively and do not end up in landfill or waste incinerators. The second benefit of using alternative raw materials is that they are displacing primary resources, such as clay.


Industrial residues from N+P are delivered at various international locations. If necessary, N+P can invest in infrastructure to treat industrial residues, further upgrading them or making them better suited for transport. The logistics are organized efficiently and as requested by the end user. The raw materials are getting transported to the end user by ship, in bulk, in containers or by silo truck. N+P also provides notifications that are needed for e.g. trans frontier waste movements. The quality of the material is monitored by N+P and it also takes care over the administration.

Product portfolio

N+P’s portfolio consists of a wide range of industrial residues and alternative raw materials and fuels. N+P is always looking for new opportunities for the industrial use of residuals.